Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've been interested in blogging for a while now, but two things have long stood in my way: a stubborn case of technophobia and a paralyzing fear of shooting my mouth off without having anything valid/important/funny to say.  I've tried to get past these obstacles a few times before, but have always scurried back to my candle-lit cave, my tail between my legs.

Then came the opportunity to participate in Pajiba's Cannonball Read: Year 2.  Conceived by Brian Prisco and the late, great Amanda Amos (aka Alabama Pink), it presents the challenge of reading and reviewing a book a week (minimum 200 pages), every week, for a year.  For each completed review, the Pajiban Powers That Be will make a contribution the college fund of Alabama Pink's young son.
Now to participate, you need a blog for book review posting.  Hence this shiny little blog you see before you.  I'm starting the read with Neil Gaiman's Newbury Award Winner, The Graveyard Book.  By the end of this weekend, I hope to post the first of many reviews.  I hope to make them entertaining, insightful, funny (if I'm lucky), and to inspire others to take a little more time to pick up a book now and then.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope to make it worth your while!

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